Found in 1990, Zumba is a fitness inspired dance class that is built of choreographed dance moves. Combining a mix of upbeat soundtracks with samba, salsa, mambo, reggae and bangra inspirations.

Choreographed to burn serious fat calories, tone you up and get you fit whilst having stacks of fun, Zumba is exercise in disguise, with integrated training Modules.

Included into the classes are Zumba® Core and Zumba® Glutes.

Zumba Core is a Vertical (standing up) training program, designed to train your not just your abbs but your key core muscles. A strong core is essential for good postures, balance and stability, which ensure you’re safe guarding against an injury, potential falls and lower back problems. From walking, running, lifting, dancing, cleaning, sitting at a desk and picking up little ones – a strong core underpins absolutely everything you do, including your digestive system.

Zumba Glutes is formed of specific moved to target those gluteus maximum and other gluteal muscles. Strong well-developed glutes are a core essential for day-to-day activities, including, bending, lifting and walking. Weak and undeveloped glutes can result in a lower back pain and are usually the cause of many lower body injuries.

Come and share our love for Zumba at one our classes.


Day: Monday

Time: 19.50pm

Location: Cheswick Green Village Hall

18 Cheswick Way, Cheswick Green, Solihull B90 4JA

Please Bring: Bottle of water


Pay as you go:£6.00 per session

Standing Order Membership:(1 class per week) £20.00 per month

Standing Order Membership: (Unlimited classes) £35.00 per month