I completed a 6 week programme with Emma and I would highly recommend it. She created a bespoke vegetarian nutrition plan for me alongside a weekly (pre covid) face to face training session and exercise plan. The approach is totally focused on health, losing fat but not muscle. I was so pleased, not just with the 1/2 stone weight I had lost after 6 weeks but also the positive impact on both my physical and mental health!   
Amanda, Personal Training client Oct - Dec 2019
Emma is such a bubbly, enthusiastic and likeable lady. I have been going to her fitness classes for the last couple of years now. I thoroughly enjoy her Zumba, Pilates and Clubbercise sessions .
Emma is always full of enthusiasm and energy and always ensures everyone is happy and getting what they want from her sessions. She will always take the time to answer questions or give advice on how to get the best from her class and will constantly let us know which muscles we should be able to feel working and if that is not happening explain how we can change what we are doing so we get the correct effect.
Emma’s classes have had a very positive effect on my physical and mental wellbeing as I certainly feel a lot fitter than I did before I started coming along to her classes and have more energy. I always come away from her classes feeling happy and having had a good workout. She is a real inspiration and I hope she continues to teach for many more years.
Fiona, Zumba, Clubbercise & Pilates members Oct 2018
I met Emma by chance in the summer of 2017 after hitting an all time low having gained 3 stone in 3 years.  I felt inspired that a 6 week commitment to personal training sessions would be the kick start I needed to change the eating, drinking and lazy habits that had spiralled out of control.  The knowledge each session would be personally tailored and private was reassuring and Emma was fantastic at tuning into the mental blocks that had made me give up so many times before.  Emma knows her stuff and how to push beyond what I would achieve if working out alone.  She has motivated me to change my diet and nutrition and I now genuinely enjoy working out, so much so, I am still attending my PT sessions 5 months on, 2.5 stone lighter and fitter and healthier than I have felt in years. Thank you Emma!   
Ashleigh, Personal Training client since June 2017
I have struggled with weight management since my early teens, but this was exacerbated when my granddaughter became seriously ill and I became a primary carer. My weight steadily went up and I thought would it never go down again.

When I started Clubbercise a couple of years ago I was at my heaviest, and I did loose 10lbs over a few months. Then for over 18 months my weight would not budge.

On top of this my diabetes was worsening and I felt like giving up on the idea I could ever be a normal size. I resigned myself to shopping in the outsize clothing sections.

I approached Emma to do her 6 Week Personal Training Course as a last ditch attempt to turn things around, not really believing I could.

What a difference, in just six weeks I have lost nearly a stone, and have dropped 2 dress sizes.

But, more importantly, I have adjusted my way of thinking with food (without feeling hungry) and I have become more aware of how my body works and so am able to exercise more effectively.

My blood sugars are more stable and I have more energy.

This didn’t come easy, Emma works you hard!! but she is very motivating and helps you believe in yourself and your goals.

I still have a long way to go, but, the results are superb in such a short time span.

I feel very motivated to continue my progress towards a slimmer and fitter future.

I would strongly recommend anyone struggling to make progress tries Emma’s personal training course.

Rosemary, Personal Training client March 2017
My twins and I have been attending Zumbini for a year now and we love it! I’ve tried a lot of classes in the past and I find zumbini great fun and very friendly. The boys come alive in the class and never stop smiling. One of my boys is quite shy and nervous but not at zumbini! He really comes out of his shell and loves the songs and props! I can really recommend the class.
Michelle, mom of twins Thomas and Lewis Oct 2015
Emma runs an excellent Zumbini group. In only a short time I’ve seen my daughter develop a love of music and dancing as well as watching her confidence grow. Emma’s friendly and bubbly personality is encouraging to children and parents alike; we all love the vibrant music and energetic dances. Zumbini is a well resourced, social group that we look forward to each week.

Rachel is a primary school teacher and Natalie has been coming along to our Zumbini sessions with her mom and nan for over 12 months. Thank-you Rachel, Natalie and Margaret

Zumbini testimonial, Natalie and Mum, Sept 2015
So, today at our Zumbini session, I take a moment and reflect, how far we’ve come since we first joined these weekly classes with Emma when my little girl was only six months old. Not able to walk or crawl, just look at her now, she is 19 months and is so confident in her environment. She is walking around waving and smiling at all the other mums and Zumbinis, playing all the fun instruments, following instructions and copying Emma the instructors actions. She is singing along to the songs, remembering what actions go with which songs and recognising her friends each week. So beautiful and a joy to watch.
Truly precious weekly sessions which we both enjoy so much. Cant wait for next week. Thank-you Emma from Eva and Evas mom xxx
Evas mom and Eva (age 19 months), June 2015
Emma has been teaching Zumba sessions for the children at Damsonwood School for nearly 2 years now and the feedback from staff and pupils has always been very positive from Foundation and KS1

The staff felt the pupils benefited from participating in the following areas:

Creativity through dance and rhythm
Increased fitness levels
Quicker response times to instructions Increased confidence and good attitude to dance Increased awareness of the Rhythm in music
Increased co-ordination skills

Had fun, thank you Emma for your hard work.

Julie Nash, PE Co-ordinator Damsonwood School, Solihull…….Jan 2015
My daughter has grown in confidence in the last year since starting Zumbini. She adores ‘Emma the teacher’ and begs me to practice ‘Reuda Reuda’ and ‘Jumping like a Kangaroo’. This can cause some embarrassment in the middle of Tescos but it just shows how much she loves the upbeat funky tunes! We both look forward to the Zumbini class every week and count the days until each class. Keep up the great work Emma!
Mum Sasha and Zumbini India, March 2015
I first started bringing Rupert to Zumbini when he was a few weeks old so that we did something together which was fun and where we’d both mix with other moms and children. From the start he’s been really entertained by the music and instruments and as he gets older he’s starting to play along and take a real interest. We have lovely mommy and baby Zumbini time.
Mum Julie and Zumbini Rupert, April 2015
That pesky thing called weight has a habit of creeping up on you. I started to loose a little weight last year and then found out I needed major surgery. A year ago this month, I had my operation and then spent the next 4 months off work, with most of that time immobile. I put the weight that I lost and a lot more straight back on.

As soon as I started back to work in April and getting on with life in general, I did start to loose a few pounds. We always eat healthily but, I am impatient, and needed something to ‘make things happen’ with my body.

I wasn’t sure what Zumba was but I’d heard of it, went on Google, found Emma’s local class in Solihull and started Zumbering my body in July time under Emma’s guidance and I LOVE IT. I have lost 11 pounds in weight since I started but, more importantly, my body shape has changed and family, friends and colleagues have noticed the difference. I still have a way to go, but my body is much more flexible and having lost a dress size (with another one on the horizon), I feel better than I have done in years.

What a great way to spend an hour, dancing and exercising to super music and having fun with a lovely group of ladies (I am reliably informed that Emma’s classes are rather more demanding than others). Age doesn’t matter at all, I’m in my 50’s, but we have a very diverse age range and these classes would be just as effective for men. Emma’s Zumba class is the kick start both me and my body needed so thank you to Emma, the lovely ladies of Solihull and I look forward to seeing you at the next class.

Debbie Higham, Zumba, Nov 14
Last Christmas I decided it was time to do something about my weight which had crept up to 15 stone 9. I started at the beginning of January (2014) with the plan to shed 6 stone via sensible eating (i.e. cutting out crisps, biscuits, cakes & sweets), increasing my activity / exercise & having a positive attitude.

One of my friends suggested I join her going to Emma’s Zumba classes. I really enjoyed my first class & the fun way in which Emma runs them & this has become one of my favourite activities, & which has helped me to lose achieve my weight loss. I have now lost 4 stone 10, going from a size 20 to 12 & my goal is now insight. I would love to get to 9 ½ stone & to maintain it, but more importantly for me this Christmas I plan to wear a dress I love that I haven’t been able to wear for 10 years.

My 2 tips would be to find something which will motivate you to achieve – be it a set weight, to fit into some pre-loved clothing or to buy something new. Keep it in mind to help motivate you to keep going & try it out every now & again to see how much closer to you are to your goal. The other tip would be to find an activity you enjoy, particularly something which will motivate you to keep going even if the weather is bad. I really enjoy my Zumba with Emma and know that it has helped me to achieve my goal.

Rayan Shepherd, Zumba, Nov 14
Had a brilliant Zumba party with Emma for 20 x 6 – 9 year olds this weekend – thank you so much ! Anyone who is considering it – go ahead the kids absolutely loved it and Emma was fantastic worth them – cant thank her enough for making my 7 year old a very happy little girl !
Sam Hawkes, Beths 7th birthday party Sept 2014
Hi Emma

I just wanted to say a big thank you for introducing zumbini’s to our setting we have gained a lot from the experience.

Staff report that children were excited about the lessons throughout the year and the impacts upon their fitness levels has increased. Children learnt about the importance of being active and the healthy benefits that in brings.

Children’s confidence blossomed and the exercise program was adapted to meet the differing group dynamics. Children with special needs were included within the program and staff delighted in watching the children becoming absorbed in the dance and music whilst developing their balance, co-ordination and special awareness.

Elizabeth Beard, South & City Birmingham OFSTED rated OUTSTANDING nursery manager comments ref. ZUMBINI