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Do you need help achieving your fitness goals?

Emma Brown Personal Training, offers packages which are inclusive of a complete health and fitness overall. Emma delivers bespoke training programs and diet plans to suit your individual goals and dietary requirements. Emma utilises her in-depth understanding of the fitness and nutrition, 20 years experience and level three fitness professional qualifications to successfully train and advise on proven plans.

Personal training sessions can be held mostly anywhere, to your convenience. So if you’re looking for a personal trainer that comes to the comfort of your own house, at Cheswick Green Village Hall or a local open space then look no further.

Book your free Consultation today, an Emma will discuss your current health and fitness situation, and understand your goals and desirable achievements.

Loosing ten pound in just three weeks, following a strict healthy diet and a bespoke fitness plan is achievable.

If you say YES to one of the following get in contact:

  • Weight not shifting?
  • Want to change your body shape?
  • Want more definition?
  • Need professional help and ideas on healthy nutrition?
  • Feel intimidated in a public gym environment?
  • Don’t want to pay high gym membership fees?
  • Need support and motivation?


The Stone Plan

As part of the Stone plan you will:

  • Train at a location or venue of your choice
  • Receive private tuition and training tailored to your abilities and requirements
  • A bespoke fitness and diet plan prepared
  • Your weight, fat and fitness levels tracked regularly
  • Home weight and cardio plan

6-Week Starter Plan

The 6-week starter plan will give you the ground works, to ensure you hit the road running with your fitness and nutritional plan. This plan can be extended on a weekly or monthly basis after your 6 week induction.


6-week starter plan – £210.00

Pay as you go – £38.00 per hour

Pay as you go with a friend – £43.00

For more information on personal training please use our contact form, or call Emma on 07766 100707.


Start today with Emma, and she will help you see a real difference, without making too many huge life changes. It’s all about the small steps, that add up to make big results.

Fantastic results from some lovely clients –  Well Done!

  • Rianne lost 3 stone in 18 months
  • Rosemary lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks
  • Beth lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks
  • Marie lost 14 pounds in 10 weeks

Rianne transformation photo     Sarah transform May 18


Ashleigh: Personal Training Client