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Fitness Pilates, is popular class within our offering and has been designed to concentrate on slow and measured movements in order to create a lean and stronger muscles around the core.

This class, although being very gentle is a highly effective session for improving your posture, and improving flexibility and preventing injury.

Based on the original Pilates technique and principles, you’ll learn new exercises and positions; along with the correct breathing techniques to support you, and ensure you get the very vest practice from your class.

Fitness Pilates is for everyone, or every fitness level. It’s an especially great class if you’re suffering with back problems, muscle tightening, poor posture and little core strength.

(Please contact Emma if you have any medical conditions prior to attending the class to see if the class is suitable for you.)


Day: This class has been removed from  The Dance Fitness Timetable until further notice. Fitness Pilates is taught by Emma every Saturday at Virgin Active, Solihull.

We do however hold Golf Specific Pilates classes at multiple locations. Click here for more information.