DANCE FITNESS SOLIHULL (DFS) (2016) (formerly Zumba® Fitness Solihull) has been providing Zumba®, Clubbercise®, Zumbakids® and Zumbini™ classes in and around Solihull since 2011. Initially offering adult Zumba® classes, DFS have expanded and grown to now offer group adult Zumba® daytime and evening classes, Clubbercise® /U18 Clubbercise® evening classes  Zumbakids® afterschool clubs and birthday parties, together with Mother and baby/toddler Zumbini™ classes, Fitness Pilates and Zumba®Strong HIIT classes. All of these fitness classes are great music and dance fitness/movement sessions available weekly as part of a Adult Fitness Activity, Mother and Baby activity, Zumba Day at school, Community Fund Raiser or outdoor activity, Brownie, Guides, Rainbows and Beavers fitness badge, childcare nursery activity……the list is endless, it so versatile! (Nov 2014, updated Sept 2016)

Personal message from Emma, Owner and Instructor at Dance Fitness Solihull….


”I have been teaching in the Fitness Industry for since 1993. I have taught group fitness including aerobics, step, boxercise, aqua, LBT, Pilates and Zumba at Virgin Active, David Lloyd, The Village gym, Fitness First and at various Birmingham City Council Leisure centres. I also teach Golf Specific Pilates classes at a number of Midlands Golf clubs inc. Drayton Park, Fulford Heath, Robin Hood, Moseley and Maxstoke.

I’m a Personal Trainer and can offer help and advise on weight management, illness rehabilition training, event specific training eg. London Marathon, Velo bike ride, Wolf Run

I hold an Exercise to Music certificate and Personal Trainer qualification, together with an extensive portfolio of additional specialist training certificates. I love teaching, guiding and coaching adults and children to achieve their health and fitness goals. It really is my passion in life.

On more of a personal note, when I had my second daughter in Feb 2011 , I could not shift that extra stone of baby weight I had put on during pregnancy. Even with the knowledge and experience I had about Fitness and Nutrition, I was still struggling 6 months after her birth. I was going to the gym and eating well, but it still was not moving. Then I discovered Zumba Fitness. 2 classes per week saw my weight drop off to my pre-baby weight, then 3 classes per week…..I had to start eating extra to keep my weight on….’yeh right’ I hear you say….but honestly, I have never been in that position before in all my years of teaching fitness and I used to teach 10-12 classes per week!! Try it, it seriously works…..its all down to Interval Training and the fitness principle behind it”……Emma 

I currently teach daytime and evening fitness and pilates classes in and around Solihull and the Midlands area including several Midlands/Staffordshire Golf Clubs (please see <classes> for details of times and venues)

I also offer 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions with advise and support to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals, whether its to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle, lower cholesterol or train for a competition eg. Wolf Run, London marathon, Body Building.

Finally…..I entered UKDFBA Sept 2017 in the Bikini Body category, full filling a life time goal

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